Buying a Diamond: Your Essential Guide

Enchanted Russian Doll - design by unellenu


A romantic & generous prince presents his beloved Princess with a gift -- a beautiful key set with a light pink diamond. He takes her by the hand and leads her to a richly ornamented wall cabinet. With delight she realizes that there is more to the gift than just the key. She opens the padlock and sees shelves with a miniature crystal chandelier, a glass rose, a bottle of Enchanted elixir perfume, and a Russian doll.

She picks up the larger Russian doll and opens it, eager to find layers of progressively smaller dolls inside. Instead, inside there is a sparkling enchanted doll, decorated from head to toe in diamonds & precious gems. She beams at her prince, at a loss for words, to describe her gratitude for such a masterpiece.

The prince has one little surprise left, inside the small Russian doll is a heart shaped diamond pendant set with a rare, natural Australian Argyle pink diamond with the coveted grade of 'Fancy Purplish Red'. The princess is absolutely thrilled by these extravagant gifts, especially adoring the pendant and the stunning Enchanted doll

For a 3D model of the 'Fantasy city' which crowns the magic cabinet visit unellenu on Shapeways.

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