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Simple finishing techniques for a sterling silver key pendant

Here is an example of some finishing techniques applied to a sterling silver key pendant designed by unellenu and fabricated by Shapeways.
The pendant is available for purchase on Shapeways in three different sizes 4.3cm , 5.5cm, and 6.5cm .
Also available for purchase on Etsy.
If you would like to order the pendant with a particular finish please contact unellenu.

1. Sterling silver key pendant ordered from shapeways in 'sterling silver polished' with some extra polishing applied by unellenu using a Dremel drill with silicone polishing wheels, and also brushes with Tripoli Pre-polishing Compound and finally Dialux Rouge Premium Polishing Compound. The piece was then cleaned by placing it in an ultrasonic cleaner containing soap and water. To clean jewelry if you don't have an ultrasonic a toothbrush and dishwashing / floorcleaning liquid and a bit of scrubbing will work to remove polishing compounds and general grime and dust.



2. The key pendant was placed in White King household bleach and left there for about 20 minutes. The resulting oxidised surface was a dark grey colour.



3. A Scotchbrite cleaning cloth / scourer was used to rub the surface, scratching off some of the oxidisation to create some visual contrast between a matte finish and the oxidised details.




4. I tried rubbing the surface with a metallic kitchen scourer to see what finish it would create, and the raised details actually became slightly more polished in appearance.

Key_pendant_unellenu_sterling_silver_5 Key_pendant_unellenu_sterling_silver_6