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Lichenfan 3D printed sculpture pictured with a L.E.D candle

Lichenfan sculpture is 3D printed in Shapeways 'sandstone' material, a hard material that feels similar to sandstone. It can be used as table top lighting with an L.E.D candle (battery powered candle as pictured). The LED candle is not included. Shapeways 3D prints and ships the sculpture only. See also the design used as a lamp shade.

Care instructions:The material is brittle if dropped on hard surfaces, handle it as you would a precious ceramic object. SAFETY NOTE: Not suitable for use with real candles.

Available for purchase from unellenu on Shapeways.
Create a stylish atmosphere with this intricately detailed sculptural object.
Use as a stunning tabletop centrepiece.

unellenu_Lichenfan_05 unellenu_Lichenfan_02


unellenu_Lichenfan_08 unellenu_Lichenfan_11
unellenu_Lichenfan_06 unellenu_Lichenfan_09




unellenu_Lichenfan_13 unellenu_Lichenfan_14


unellenu_Lichenfan_27 unellenu_Lichenfan_25 unellenu_Lichenfan_26
unellenu_Lichenfan_21 unellenu_Lichenfan_23 unellenu_Lichenfan_24