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3D printed Lichenfan lamp shade

The Lichenfan light shade is 3D printed in Shapeways 'sandstone' material, a very rigid, hard material that feels like sandstone. It is pictured below as a lamp shade. Part A and Part B of the lamp can be separately purchased 3D printed from Shapeways. The lamp base, electricals and light fittings are not included. The lamp base pictured is 'Hemma' from IKEA. Alternatively just use the lamp shade with an L.E.D candle (battery powered 'candle')

Care instructions:The material is brittle if dropped on hard surfaces, so handle it as you would a precious ceramic object. SAFETY NOTE: Not suitable for use with real candles. See photographs of the light shade with an L.E.D candle.

An organic-looking, stylish light shade, to add fascinating illumination to your room. This sculptural form is constructed using 3D printing, to achieve intricate details and complex undercuts that could not be created using traditional manufacturing processes.

Lichenfan_lamp_shade_unellenu_07 Lichenfan_lamp_shade_unellenu_09 Lichenfan_lamp_shade_unellenu_13
Lichenfan_lamp_shade_unellenu_01 Lichenfan_lamp_shade_unellenu_08




Lichenfan_lamp_shade_unellenu_05 Lichenfan_lamp_shade_unellenu_04


Lichenfan_lamp_shade_unellenu_06 Lichenfan_lamp_shade_unellenu_03 Lichenfan_lamp_shade_unellenu_02