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Silver Siri pendant
for the Shapeways 3D Siri competition

What do you think Siri looks like? Submit your idea and we'll 3D print the winners!

Here is my first entry, Silver Siri, a tag style pendant designed to be produced in Shapeways sterling silver.
I have created the piece so that the design can be 3D printed by Shapeways.

See the design on Shapeways

Silver Siri


3DSIRI_Tag_Pendant_model_1 3DSIRI_Tag_Pendant__01 3DSIRI_Tag_Pendant_B_02



3DSIRI_Tag_Pendant__07 3DSIRI_Tag_Pendant__06 3DSIRI_Tag_Pendant_B_03


3DSIRI_Tag_Pendant__04 3DSIRI_Tag_Pendant__02

3D Siri Design by unellenu : Silver Siri tag pendant.